Team Identity

Our Raison D'Etre

Here at FBK we are fully concentrated to manage a day by day challenge with the various instances coming from the Life Science and Healthcare industry, which is a non-stop moving environment that dramatically evolve in many directions, and constantly needs more efficient processes.

The priority for our company is to provide itself with a first rate team to be more successful over the years, and we are really proud that our global team is composed by enthusiastic and passionate experts, providing excellence results and supporting the constant growing of FBK.

For an IT company is obviously fundamental that technical issues must be at the highest possible level to face the company’s goal.

What makes the difference in FBK is that our team members possess the essential skills and abilities to accomplish the company’s objectives, with the support of competency and knowledge in the interest of having our problem solving action more effective.

In FBK we know that care must be taken to a constant training of our professionals and to provide them with the necessary resources, in accordance to elevate the standard of excellence necessary to manage the best performances.

Therefore a safe and collaborative climate is a priority for the achieving of the company’s success, and this aspect is really clear to FBK’s leadership that is always open to acknowledge contributions by team members, in order to build more collaboration and confidence.

Managing performances request also to trust each other to accurately share information, perceptions and feedback, that we’re wholeheartedly pursuing with a constant comparison to resolve issues and promoting development and ideas.

FBK is a company with an open approach that believes in values, and put great attention to ethics, transparency and respect within its business actions and behavior.

Our team features people coming from different countries and backgrounds, we look for young talents as well as keeping safe the value that comes from our experienced management.

We believe in the future and look forward for a constant progress of our company.