Solutions for Life Sciences

We make products that are real solutions to real problems

What makes FBK your ideal partner for Life Sciences and Healthcare Software?

Your specific needs are met without compromise because we only work with the Healthcare and Life Sciences customers. Join the largest Supply and Manufacturing companies by using our best-in-class solutions for Tender Management and Event Management that are designed and constructed to provide you with a solid backbone for your business processes.

As the Healthcare market has changed from local to global, a vision that covers the needs of the Pan-European market and beyond is the winning position that you will find at home with us.

We produce products that are real solutions to real problems. Concentrating on providing software as products rather than one-off commissioned projects, we provide our customers a stable basis on which to build their business processes. Working with a a company who’s product have a real lifetime, may afford you with benefits that even the best firm consultant’s project cannot provide:


  • Experience
  • Functionality
  • Relationship


  • Expertise
  • Coverage
  • Knowledge base


  • Vision
  • Development
  • Continuity
  • Strategy

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